Analytics & KPIs

Animo delivers the most powerful tools available in the market without sacrificing user experience. We've made it easy to compare current well performance & parameters against BDP offsets and analyze across your entire operation. Pivot data around the KPIs most critical to your business, and using Animo's reporting engine you can print, publish and share results direct from the application.

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Interactive Review

Intuitive and visually stunning, Animo's KPI Analysis tools are industry leading. Visualize vast sets of data, identify trends and export for your next presentation. 

Analyze for Performance

Eliminate wasted time spent hunting for data. Experience powerful analytics tools and evaluate performance across full wells, intervals, formations and BHAs. Extract insights quickly and compare against offsets to reach your objectives faster and more safely.

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Make the Connection

Tailor-made to work how you work. View well specific dashboards and see connection times at a glance. Compare day vs night, group by BHA, or match to interval. The power of Animo KPI analysis applied across the App.