Data Modeling

Advanced Torque & Drag and Hydraulics modeling keeps you ahead of potential blockers and improves consistency. The user-focused design makes it easy to monitor flow, pressure and ECD. We integrate familiar Hookload and Broomstick charts with exceptional real-time capability to compare EDR data against Animo's industry leading TQ&D models. Adjust parameters easily and rapidly visualize actual performance against predictive models. 

Instant Review

Best-in-class Hydraulics offer improved visibility and control. Spend less time crunching numbers offline and apply Animo's real-time calculations. Simply adjust parameters and immediately visualize impacts. Designed to enhance Service/Operator collaboration in one application.

Torque & Drag 

Advanced modeling enables greater understanding of downhole performance and keeps you ahead of potential issues. Monitor trends, visualize averages, and toggle data on-and-off as necessary for quick insights.

Hookload Mockup.png
Hydraulics mockup.png