Our Services

Clicking on any of the below will take you to a more detailed review of tools available within the application. We have new features being introduced regularly and the best way to experience Animo is first-hand, so reach out and schedule a demo!

Analytics & KPIs

Out of the box Animo delivers industry leading tools to view and assess KPIs. In an instant go from review of asset-level details to performance analysis across the entire operation.

Remote Collaboration

Effortlessly collaborate on live data, share insights, build in-app design studies and make faster more informed decisions with the help of Animo's intuitive data visualizations.

Data Modeling

Optimizing performance is our cornerstone, and it's why we're proud to offer some of the most accurate and dependable TQ&D and Hydraulics models available to the industry. 

Real-Time Data

The pace of operation demands tools that stay a step ahead. Real time analytics support optimization and help identify events before they occur so you can prepare for the unknown.